J. Graves (j_graves) wrote in bayarea_vegans,
J. Graves

CSU East Bay

Anyone have any info and/or opinions on this school? I'd really like to live in the East Bay area (I know this particular school is in Hayward, but I don't know much about it), preferrably in San Fran. However, i'm not sure how realistic it would be to try to go to CSU-EB and live in San Fran. If I go it'll be through the Nat'l Student Exchange and therefore this is the only school in the Bay Area that participates in the program.

So again, any and all comments are very much appreciated! I need to make my decision by Friday.

I'm also looking at other Cali schools (CSU-Northridge, Sonoma State, Humboldt State, CSU-Monterey Bay), so if you also happen to know anything about these schools, please let me know. Thanks!!

PS. If this is inappropriate to the community, please let me know. If it helps, i'm a vegetarian (6yrs strong) and wanting to go vegan and i've heard excellent things about the Bay Area in regards to the availability of vegan products. :)
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