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bayarea_vegans's Journal

.....♥VEGANS in CALIFORNIA♥.....
Bay Area
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*This community is brand spanking new, so please, bear with us while we get it up and running! Also, if you have anything to add to the info/links, please let me know!*

This is a community for Vegans in ALL of California -- not just the Bay ;)

Post recipes, Vegan (or v-friendly) restaurants or stores, general discussion, make vegan buddies, support, etc.

I hate this part, but here are...

♥The Rules♥
- Please stay some-what on topic.
- Upon joining, please introduce yourself. While this isn't necessary, it's a fun way to get to know our members
- Feel free to promote your community, or a community you fancy, so long as it's pretty relevant
- Play nice :)

Not so hard, right?

Cool links!
http://www.vegdining.com -- Find Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants near YOU!
http://www.goveg.com -- General Vegan site. A must read for those who are new to veganism!
http://www.veganstore.com -- Pangea! Awesome online Vegan store :)
http://www.happycow.net -- Global guide to V restaurants & health food stores
http://www.peta.org -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
http://www.furisdead.com -- Shedding light on the fur industry

Link us!

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