Persephone (pers) wrote in bayarea_vegans,

San Diego eats?


Some friends and I are headed down to San Diego (from Toronto) in a week or so for the big Comicon. I've heard that eating at the convention centre is a nightmare and am hoping you folks can recommend some good vegan-friendly places nearby to grab a quick bite. We won't have a vehicle but we're planning on buying transit passes.

I've also been poking around on and like the sound of Cilantro Live and Kung Food Express. They worth checking out? Anywhere else to recommend? :)
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I'm also going to Comic-Con, and have for a couple years now. I can't think of any restaurant names, but there are a few places around - you can find Thai, Veggie Sushi, Falafel. The convention center is in downtown, so it's not impossible to find something to eat. There's also Poke's, which I don't know if it's easy walking distance, but it is a Mexican place with vegan options.

The best option I think is going to the grocery store down the street and picking up some good bread, some avos, fruit, some pasta salads in the deli. It works well. Good luck.
Thanks for the tips! :) Enjoy the con!
i was just in san diego today, I'm from orange county. san diego has a lot of vegan/vegan friendly restaurants. The following are well worth your time:
The Che Cafe
Check this website for all these place's info...

There's a lot of other place's to eat... these i have found to be well worth the money.

Ah, great site! Thanks for the advice! :)
no problem! :]
This is strangely relevant as this particular vegan joint usually gets a lot of comiccon traffic, from what I understand.

And it shouldn't. Ever. Again.

Graphictruth: The Evil Monkey with the bloody burrito should have been a clue...
How very bizarre!!

Can't say I even saw that place while I was at SDCC last year but it doesn't sound like it'll be on the list this year!